Adelpha is a female-led corporate financial advisor and investment network.


We offer investors access to unique

and high-quality opportunites insights individuals events talent


We source the majority of our dealflow from our investors and investees.


This allows us the first look at some of the best investment opportunities from people who understand the industry niche and can vouch for the team and traction.


We have a thorough and robust curation process which includes active input from the investors, experts and executives in our network.


We are particularly interested in companies that are UK-based, tech-focused, and female-founded. Many have a social-impact angle.


We believe in collaborative relationships built on trust and integrity and communication that is direct, personalised and concise.


We have a clear position on gender, which is focused on profit more than purpose.


We are a private and discreet organisation; we do not do PR or marketing.


We are committed to quality over quantity in all things (this includes clients, dealflow, relationships and communications).